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EU MDR 2017/745
Device Classifier Assistant

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ROUTE 1 (SAFE MODE) Insert 'non-invasive device', 'invasive device' or 'active device' and start making decisions based on questions

ROUTE 2 (RESEARCH MODE) Insert intended use / intended purpose of the Medical Device






  If you are a Medical Device, In Vitro Diagnostics, Combination Products Manufacturer and need:



Keeping up to date with and stay on top of:

  • +100 Regulatory Authorities (Countries) Profiles, Requirements and News

  • +100,000 Market & Clinical Stakeholders (Manufacturers, Hospitals, etc.) Profiles, Data and News

  • +10,000 Technical Standards Profiles, Updates and News

  • +50,000 Medical Products Profiles (Medical devices, IVDs, Software & Apps), Data and News

Powerful Search Engine for instant access to information




PMS Automation & Vigilance

  • Automate completely Vigilance & PMS into many curated databases and meet easily EU MDR / IVDR requirements

Regulatory & Quality Tools

  • WW Regulations and Requirements navigation, GAP Analyses, Changes trackers, and much more

Analytics, Insights & Trends

  • Use RWE data and statistics to feed into your Design Inputs, Risk Management and Intelligence

Clinical and Regulatory databases

  • WW Clinical Trials, Approvals, Recalls, FSCAs, Adverse Events, Literature, Guidance, and much more for Medical Devices and Pharma



Product Registrations trackers and IM

  • Manage portfolio and multiple registrations in countries


Regulatory & Competitive Intelligence

Technical Standards Management


Periodic Reports and Full Customization

  • Daily, Weekly and Monthly reports
  • Top News by Medical Area
  • Customization Reports



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