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Databases with curated data, organised, classified, filters, trend visuals, attachments, translations, and many more features, ready to use and continuously UP TO DATE.

For Medical Devices, In Vitro Diagnostics and Medicines:

• Clinical Literature: Millions (and also connected to main databases as PubMed)
• Clinical Studies & Trials: +600k 
• Clinical Guidelines and HTAs: +20K 
FSCAs & Recalls: +100k from more than 30 Countries
 Adverse Events Reports: +20M 
• Authorities Safety Alerts: +7k from more than 10 countries
• News - Regulatory Authorities: +50k Updates
• News - Technical Standards: +50k Updates
• News - Clinical & Market , Press Releases, Hospital News: Million of Updates
• Documents: Regulations, Regulatory Guidance, etc: +50k documents
and much more!
Analytics, Insights, Profiles, etc.
• Identify predicate devices and similar products on the market, and follow their updates
• Identify clinical studies that are relevant to you
• Identify similar organizations working on same area as you globally


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