Databases, Analytics & Profiles

Access information like never before, from the big picture to extreme granularity

MedBoard unique databases cover Clinical Trials, Recalls, Adverse Events, Approvals, Guidelines, Regulatory News, Market News, Technical Standards, Documents, Safety Alerts, and much more.

All of them are equipped with Advanced Search, Filters, and Analytics Studio to slice and visualise the data in many new ways. What normally takes days or hours, now it is a matter of seconds with MedBoard.

This includes thousands of profiles with integrated data and latest news for countries, authorities, medical manufacturers, medical products, hospitals, and many more. The full landscape at your fingertips.

Dedicated & Curated Databases easy to Search and Cutomize

MedBoard Search provides the full picture with MedBoard Search, but there is more… unique large databases by information type, with additional filters, analytics studio and many other research tools:

News - Regulatory Authorities

+ 30k Updates, + 225 Countries

News - Technical Standards

+ 50k Updates, + 30k Profiles

News - Clinical & Markets

+ 5 Million Updates and sources

FSCAs & Recalls
+ 100k
Adverse Events
+ 20 Millions
Safety Alerts
+ 10k
Clinical Literature
+ 50 Million
Clinical Trials
+ 750k
Clinical Guidelines & HTAs
+ 50k
Registrations & Approvals
+ 10 Million
+ 50k
Many more Databases
+ 50

Visualize Data Faster & on the Go

Search, Slice and Visualize data without the need to use endless hours exporting, copying and pasting into columns in excel and generating graphs. With a query and simple click get access to all information and graphs instantly:

Understand device’s top problems within your area of interest or device types using the analytics.

Find which manufacturers have more trials, recalls, literature and many more with just one click.

Use databases analytics as patient problems as an input to your organization and processes

Find Actors & Products on the Market and their latest related information

MedBoard provides advanced profiles integrated with the latest information and analytics:

+ 35k
+ 225
Technical Standards
+ 20k
Medical Products
+ 100k brands Medical Devices, IVDs, Apps, & Medicines.
Treatments & Conditions
+ 5k
+ 10K
Device Types
+ 30k
Medical Specialties
+ 100
Many more Profile types
+ 100k

Understand Trends & Insights faster

Databases are complemented with ancillary resources such as reports, insights, rankings, predictions, trends and many more: 

• Daily, Weekly, Monthly and Yearly Reports delivered continuously
• Insights for PMS
• Rankings associated to different databases such as Recalls, Adverse Events, Trials, etc.
• Data Predictions
• Trends

Use Systematic Reviews to get updates automatically and Review them

MedBoard Databases are integrated seamlessly with the Systematic Reviews solutions, this opens a unlimited possibilities to use our databases for Surveillance, Intelligence, Literature Review, Research, PMS and many more.

MedBoard also has a function for users to import data and information and complement even more their private repository.

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Customer Stories

ZIP DIAGNOSTICS  Medical Devices Manufacturer

” We are enjoying using MedBoard very much. The combination of scientific, regulatory and market information in one well organised place is very appealing to us. It has significantly reduced the amount of time and effort we spend in many areas.

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