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  If you are a Medical Device, In Vitro Diagnostics, Combination Products Manufacturer and need:



Keeping up to date with and stay on top of:

  • +100 Regulatory Authorities (Countries) Profiles, Requirements and News

  • +100,000 Market & Clinical Stakeholders (Manufacturers, Hospitals, etc.) Profiles, Data and News

  • +10,000 Technical Standards Profiles, Updates and News

  • +50,000 Medical Products Profiles (Medical devices, IVDs, Software & Apps), Data and News

Powerful Search Engine for instant access to information




PMS Automation & Vigilance

  • Automate completely Vigilance & PMS into many curated databases and meet easily EU MDR / IVDR requirements

Regulatory & Quality Tools

  • WW Regulations and Requirements navigation, GAP Analyses, Changes trackers, and much more

Analytics, Insights & Trends

  • Use RWE data and statistics to feed into your Design Inputs, Risk Management and Intelligence

Clinical and Regulatory databases

  • WW Clinical Trials, Approvals, Recalls, FSCAs, Adverse Events, Literature, Guidance, and much more for Medical Devices and Pharma



Product Registrations trackers and IM

  • Manage portfolio and multiple registrations in countries


Regulatory & Competitive Intelligence

Technical Standards Management


Periodic Reports and Full Customization

  • Daily, Weekly and Monthly reports
  • Top News by Medical Area
  • Customization Reports

MedBoard Platform: Unique Positioning, Disruptive Technology, Powerful Innovation

At MedBoard, we believe that new digital technologies and data science can power your medical organization in unthinkable ways by providing you with new means to approach challenges, solve problems, and to navigate the rapidly changing medical space.

We aim to be the world’s largest medical technology information platform so you can find anything you need here, where our priorities and developments are defined and powered by our customers needs. We understand the industry, we understand your challenges and we have great passion for innovation.

Trusted by leading Medical Tech/Devices/IVDs Organizations of every size

A large number of Manufacturers trust and use MedBoard, from big Multinationals to Start-ups. The profile of our customers are agile, think-forward, proactive organizations with great understanding of the challenges and the need for adoption of digital solutions. These are just a small example of some of their great feedback:

"We are extremely grateful and happy to have discovered and using this unique platform, increasing data and accessibility are two big barriers. We knew about MedBoard through TOPRA and it was a great discovery of an intelligence platform solely focused on medical devices and IVDs"      "This has changed my life in terms of hours used to do my tasks"

"A great value for Money!"     "Extremely useful and time-saving resource"    "MedBoard has become our core resource for Intelligence"

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Unique Offering in the Market

Our unique positioning and mission to build the largest Medical Technology platform with the most advanced tools, data and resources to support decision making and development, puts MedBoard and our customers with great competitive advantage over the rest.

In addition, our focus to create this specifically to medical manufacturers and stakeholders, not only indicates a unique offering but also a great focus on their needs. Some examples are the PMS Plan and external sources Vigilance automation, first and only solution on the market, or the thousands of Manufacturers profiles integrated with technical and PMS information.

As of 2021, there is nothing like out there. We are first, and we are growing quickly by meeting the needs of our current customers.

Millions of entries from endless Sources delivered to you in easy and organized formats:







Daily News & Updates from more than 100,000 sources, organized and classified




More than 100 real time Databases containing million of entries



Advanced Profiles

More than 80,000 Advanced Profiles, integrating real time information related to them




Daily, Weekly and Monthly reports curated for you, from Regulatory to Market areas



Resources & Pages

Regulatory Navigation Panels, GAP Analysis, Comparisons,  requirements, and much more.






Transform your Organization with these Six Solutions




Regulatory, Quality & Compliance Resources

MedBoard offers the largest and most complete suite
of up to date Medtech regulatory, quality & compliance resources in a platform in the world. Our offering consists of a unique blended balance of resources created by MedBoard and daily dynamic information and data. All the updates, information and data is collected from thousands of sources and organized in sections, profiles, categories and resources. Information is updated, changed or added in real time, ready to be used at any time. This implies enormous savings to organizations in terms of time, person-hours, resources and budget; and also avoiding to manually collect and organize reactively information and data, while taking care of your important and urgent day to day tasks.

Some highlights:

+100 Country Profiles with the latest

+450 Regulations, +2,000 Guidance, +2,000 Definitions and much more

Daily & Monthly Reports



Post Market Surveillance Plan, Vigilance & CER/PER automation

This this is the first and only end-to-end PMS & Vigilance Solution on the market, helping organizations to save huge amount of resources and budget.

With the new increased requirements on Post-Market Surveillance, specially from EU MDR 2017/745 and EU IVDR 2017/746, and latest updates from key technical standards as ISO 14971:2019, they are very prescriptive about few points:

  • The need to have a PMS Plan, with a very well defined plan and collection process.
  • The need to analyse external sources for subject device information.
  • The need to analyse external sources for equivalent / comparable devices information.
  • The need to have a system which is: systematic, active, continuous and consistent.

The alternative to MedBoard is doing searches into hundreds of websites, for each product line with the applicable keywords, and make sure by evidence confirmation that whoever executes these searches always do it systematically and consistently (always with same exact keywords, same sources, same inputs, same process). The time and resources, and therefore costs, to execute this can be very high to implement and to execute it periodically every month, quarter, and year.

Some highlights:

Smart Surveillance MedBoard technology

Easy to use PMS & Vigilance Checklist

+10 million entries automated for you



Market & Clinical: Profiles, Data, Analytics & Resources

Having the right market and clinical information in real time
means being on top of the market and also being efficient with decision making and processes, key for business continuity, development and future plans.

The market and clinical information/data is essential for marketing, sales and clinical professionals, but also for regulatory regulatory professionals, that require this for critical decision-making and also reporting and other requirements.

At MedBoard, we are organizing and integrating vast amount of information to make this easy for you. The advanced profiles for manufacturers, hospitals and medical areas, provide you with a remarkable granularity, which combined with the multiple databases, gives you the speed and access that your organization needs.

Some highlights:

+20,000 Manufacturers Advanced Profiles

+10,000 Hospitals Advanced Profiles

PMS Information and Data from multiple sources



Technical Standards Management


Technical Standards play a pivotal role for medical organizations, not only because they are regulatory requirements, but also because they represent the state of the art in industry.

Tracking standards, monitoring updates, amendments and publications from different Standards Institutions is a real challenge due to the large number of updates and sources. Here at MedBoard we track a large number of technical committees, working groups and updates related to standards. In addition, we monitor the news and updates from Regulatory Authorities regarding Technical Standards.

Some highlights:

+5,000 Standards Advanced Profiles

Authorities adoptions and recognitions

Daily and Monthly Reports



Regulatory & Competitive Intelligence

Intelligence is a systematic active collection and analysis of data and information from multiple sources applied to the context and practices of the organization. Intelligence is very company-focused, in contrast to other activities as Research, which has a broader scope. Intelligence is a very essential activity for any medical organization in this very fast changing landscape.

MedBoard contains already all the data and information ready and curated for you to be used it in your Regulatory Intelligence. Hence you can plan, target, collect information from thousands of sources that apply to the scope and goal of your Regulatory Intelligence.

For Competitive Intelligence, we offer you a platform to not only analyze competitors, but also to gain a wider understanding of the entire MedTech landscape and stakeholders: manufacturers, hospitals, PMS information, distributors, new technologies, finance information, etc. All of them essential inputs for any decision making tool.

Some highlights:

Trends & Consultations Customized news and updates

Automated Collection methods



Research & General Stay Up to Date

Keep up to date with the news to ensure that you are informed about how recent events may affect your business, and if necessary, make changes to ensure that your company is keeping up with the times.

Making information and data accessible to our users is a fundamental aspect of our work. We are providing you with a powerful technology, that integrates all the information and data that otherwise you would need to do manually, and display, format and structure it, offering you the best search operators available, we also provide you with an increased searchability, which in overall , this is a much better and added value process that any existing alternative.

Some highlights:

MedBoard Search Engine & Databases

NewsFeeds and Monitoring tools

Daily Update Report


Medboard LogoValue Propositions

Powerful Innovation

Built with state of the art technology and the most advanced data science, and using robust, secure and reliable infrastructures as .NET and AWS. Super-fast cloud computing capabilities running the core of the platform, assisted by Data Science and our unique classifiers, medical internal knowledge, and R&D innovation.



We aim to be the world’s largest medical technology platform so you can find anything you need, instantly, at MedBoard, so you can maximise your success and positive impact to patients. Furthermore, convenience goes beyond that for us, it also means providing this with user-friendly interface, simplicity and great usability.


Customer Focus

We are a very customer-centric organization, driven constantly by our customers’ needs and our passion for invention. We put customers in the center, what you see today in MedBoard, it is the output of all requests made by our customers. Meeting customers’ needs is what we have been doing since day 1.


Price & Savings

Our focus is to offer a great value and product with accessible pricing. By using MedBoard, you are already saving costs and resources compared to doing nothing or any other alternative.  You can get started on MedBoard with a low and predictable price, and scale up as your needs require.



The Growing Problem that we Solve

1. A significant increased demand
for data, information, and evidence from key stakeholders (e.g. authorities, payers) and business processes, and new larger and more complex requirements for documentation, reports, PMS, literature, and data analysis.

An extraordinary increased flow of news, information and data shared from key sources (e.g. authorities, clinical, manufacturers) that require planning, collecting and reviewing. In addition, there is a growing challenge of ensuring trusted sources and information.

Meaning for organizations in many tasks and departments:

  Increasing Costs Increasing Resources Waste of Time Expensive Outsourcing Manual & Tedious Work  



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How We Solve it

What you see: Simple and Easy


A fundamental aspect  of our vision at MedBoard is to create a platform that provides an intuitive user interface with seamless navigation and access to information. In order to deliver on this vision, our MedBoard team works closely with customers to continuously provide new exciting interfaces, features, applications and tools, to create a platform that is both visually dynamic and customizable.


Behind the curtains: Big Machine


MedBoard collects and organizes thousands of information and data per day, some of them very complex. At its core, it is a big data platform. Data Science, coding, algorithms, mathematical functions, all work like clockwork precision to deliver information as simple as possible at your fingertips, but also giving you the power and freedom to customize it and perform your tasks without any restrictions, it is just you and the data and information.



MedBoard have been designed following these 4 principles:

1. Accessibility & Organization

Our platform uses Big Data to compile large amounts of information every day, classify it and then carefully stratified according to the information type and purpose within our platform in order to make it as simple and intuitive for our customers to use.

2. Customer Centricity & Customization  

Having received and fulfilled over 200 customers requests over the last two years, our mission is to attain customer satisfaction in all that we do and keep building the platform in the direction our customers need. We aim to empower our customers to take data and information management into their own hands through customization features.


3. Automation

Fast delivery of information and speed are essential for operational excellence. Automatization profoundly changes the way organizations operate and use resources. We provide organizations with a time-efficient way of researching, planning and collecting data and information relevant to their business needs and regulatory requirements.

4. Scalability

MedBoard has been built since inception to be quickly scalable to meet our customers’ needs. As a powerful cloud computing platform, MedBoard is uniquely positioned to adapt, grow and fulfil the needs of our customers. This key facet of our company has enabled us to work with all industry stakeholders, with our customers ranging from Start-ups, through to SMEs and large multinational organizations.



Awards & Achievements

 COVID-19: UK Government Ventilator Challenge

MedBoard is proud to have collaborated with MHRA and UK Government and have helped within the process of the Covid-19 ventilator challenge in 2020. MedBoard task was to rapidly analyse millions of historical PMS data related to Mechanical ventilators (FSCAs, Adverse events, etc) in our platform, and draw patterns using different techniques, delivering detailed summaries and statistics, providing valuable insights into potential failure modes for new ventilators, in order to build next steps and actions.

This shows how trusted is MedBoard in Industry. Learn more about our contribution in this article here.

We still support many Manufacturers during the Covid crisis with our Regulations and Guidance Tracker:




 TOPRA Innovation Award

What a night! MedBoard won the prestigious TOPRA Innovation Award ahead of Merck & Co, Inc (USA). We are extremely proud of this award, as it was a joint nomination by many of our customers. This award is for them!


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