Task Manager

A Project Management solution integrated within the platform

Task Manager is an add-on solution integrated with the MedBoard modules and data to easily action and track tasks efficiently by individuals and company.

A whole ecosystem of data and processes would not be fully connected if actions and implementations are not linked to ensure that after review and assessment, actions have been taken, assigned, and completed. The Task Manager makes Intelligence actionable and connected.


Task Manager also indicates to individual users and as an organization, how many tasks are pending per item, and as well it will indicate if any tasks are late or within the next week. In addition, users can visualise tasks on Table and Kanban views, to follow progress on their favourite display.



Users can add deadlines, task owners, estimated times, progress, priority and much more!

Task Manager 2


Create Tasks and Events and link it to projects, countries, products and much more. A powerful task manager tool integrated with the rest of the platform.

The Task Manager allows individuals and teams to create Tasks and Events, either standalone or linked to:

– Regulatory News from Systematic Reviews.

– Clinical Articles and PMS from Systematic Reviews.

– Product Portfolio: Product Codes, Product Families.

– Compliance: QMS documents and Technical Documentation.

– RIM Country Registrations/Operations: Countries, Certificates, Registrations.

– Operators: Distributors, Importers, Authorised Representatives.

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