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Search the world’s MedTech, Pharma & Digital information with MedBoard, including latest updates and news from the market and authorities, databases (Literature, PMS, etc.), webpages, profiles, documents guidelines, images, videos and many more.




News, Databases, Analytics, Profiles, Intelligence, Resources & Tools

MedBoard is huge, and our Menu provides access to dedicated Regulatory, Clinical, Market, PMS, Standards areas in 225+ Countries, with:

News: Real-Time News from millions of sources such as Authorities, Manufacturers, Clinical Sources, Experts, Hospitals, and any trusted relevant medical stakeholder or source.

Databases & Analytics: 50+ Individual Real-time Trusted Regulatory, PMS, Clinical & Market Databases, with Analytics & Insights. This includes Trials, Recalls, Literature, Regulatory News, Products updates, and much more.

MedBoard Profiles: 10+ Millions of Profiles with integrated data and updates: Countries, Products, Manufacturers, Hospitals, Standards, KOLs, Medical Conditions, Medical Terms, Regulatory Requirements, and many more types.

Intelligence: Databases, Insights & Content, plus curated human intelligence such as 150k+ Country Regulatory Summaries.

Resources & Tools: Tools, Document Viewers, Translations, Periodic reports, flowcharts, 510(k) Navigator, Dictionaries, Trackers, etc.  

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MedBoard Search

Search the world’s MedTech, Pharma & Digital information with MedBoard, it delivers up to date Regulatory, Clinical, Standards, Clinical, Market and PMS information in more than 225 Countries. 

Our Information Portal & Individual databases are curated with only trusted sources and covers more than 1 Billion data points. News, Databases, MedBoard Profiles, Webpages, Documents, Content, Media and much more in just one click.

Advanced Filters, AI Evidence Classification and Categorization. Powerful, Up to Date and Continuously Organized.

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Premium Intelligence

MedBoard delivers on top Regulatory Intelligence, Clinical Intelligence & Market Intelligence across the whole platform. It provides an unparalleled Regulatory Intelligence in 225+ countries and more than 15 Regulatory Areas, including MedTech, Pharma, Clinical Trials, Environmental, Packaging, Data Privacy, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Electrical Safety, EMC, and many more.

Premium Intelligence includes up to date 150,000+ Country Regulatory and Clinical Summaries, curated by experts and continuously evolving as new changes take place.

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