Product Portfolio Management

For MedTech Manufacturers, Actors & Stakeholders

Easy to Use and Deploy. Fast, Robust, Scalable and Secure solution

A powerful Off-The-Shelf and Ready-to-use Portfolio Management to organize, manage and track information about your products and its information, including UDI, all integrated together with Regulatory Intelligence and MedBoard Search. This module keeps track of key information to have all information up to date in a centralized and secure location where any member of your company can access to any time. 

This secure, private repository and cloud database module integrates also with other modules such as Country Registrations, and have extensive data features and functions.

Ideal for Manufacturers, Authorised Representatives, Providers, Distributors and other Operators in the MedTech industry.

Key Features and Functions:

Keep your products and related information organized and under control with this module.

  • Portfolio Management of Product Codes: Build and Manage your Portfolio automatically by Family, Basic UDI and Product Code 
  • Organization by Product Codes-SKUs, Product Families & Basic UDI-DIs:
    • More than 25 attributes per Product Code, fields include UDI requirements in USA and EU. Add information and notes related to your product.
    • Country Registrations by Product Code, by Certificate and by Product Family. Link Product Codes to Registrations automatically
  • Regulatory Impact Reporting by Product Code, Product Families and Basic UDI-DIs.
    • Integration with Regulatory News Systematic Reviews and Impact Assessments
  • Ability to add Registration directly from existing Product Codes.

Provide visibility, easy access to information, and traceability about your products to the organization

Why Organizations choose MedBoard

MedBoard unique Regulatory Information Management Solutions bring instant value to organizations:

Save Time

Reduce extraordinary amount of work (mostly manual) and cumbersome processes by using our workflows and automation, while fully customise it.

Powerful Search & Tools

This IM solution is built-in on top of MedBoard Search, providing precise filters and search operators, and a large number of advanced tools

Easy to Use

Customers report 'Easy to Use' as one of the top reasons to use MedBoard, we are transforming a cumbersome process into easy steps flow.

Security & Validation

Roles Management for better security information management, periodic back ups, security features and validation templates

Enterprise Ready

Security, Compliance and Privacy built in features, including SSO are available to our customers. Our platform is also easy to scale for larger customers.

Customization & Teams

Our platform allows teams to fully customize the review process and also connect with collagues previous work on similar items.

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