Lists Monitoring

Track Companies, Products and KOLs like never before

Create custom lists with profiles from the 10M+ MedBoard Profiles vast collection to analyse changes in statistics/analytics by custom date periods, add intelligence, tags, reviews and much more in only one place.

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Aggregate in each list the profiles you need for the project or goal. We have lists for Manufacturers, Products, Authorities, Standards, Healthcare Providers and soon KOLs. Example below for Manufacturers:
• Key and essential to understand changes and trends from manufacturers and products, the evolving landscape, SOTA, due diligence and many more uses. This is widely used for Research, Intelligence, Due Diligence and Clinical Evaluation Reports.
• Use the date filters to customize the analysis.
• Use the tags to personalize the lists.
• Use the intel blocks and summaries to complement the information with your own internal intelligence.

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